WCR Sweden AB supplies an extensive range of gaskets for various types of plate heat exchangers. Among these are Alfa-Laval, APV, Cetetherm, Pasilac,Tranter, Hisaka, Fischer, Schmidt-Bretten, Vicarb, GEA and Swep. By keeping the most common types in stock we are able to offer immediate delivery upon requests. The assortment of gaskets is regularly updated.

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WCR materials

Standard materials


FDA-NBR - WCR FDA-NBR is peroxide cured nitrile rubber (NBR). The rubber is used for applications together with fatty food and industrial applications. FDA-NBR has replaced the HT-NBR for industrial applications, because they are practically equal in almost all applications. The material has resistance to nitric acid solutions.

FDA-EPDM - WCR FDA-EPDM is a peroxide cured ethylene-propylene rubber. The material has good resistance to steam. It is standard material for aqueous food applications.

IND-EPDM - WCR Industrial EPDM (HT) is a peroxide cured ethylene-propylene rubber for high temperature applications. It is standard material for industrial aqueous applications.

Gaskets made of other material are available upon request. Among these are:


VITON G - A material which has excellent resistance towards concentrated acids, even better than the former Viton B. The Viton G is a peroxide cured fluorocarbon rubber (FKM).

IND-HNBR - WCR Industrial HNBR is a peroxide cured hydrogenated nitrile rubber, specially developed for crude oil PHE applications, where demands for resistance towards the combination of oil, sulphides and amines are the highest. The material also meets the temperature gap in between nitrile rubber (NBR) and FKM for most oil applications.

FDA-HNBR - WCR FDA-HNBR is a peroxide cured hydrogenated nitrile rubber, specially developed for high temperature food applications. The properties are very close to the industrial HNBR, with the exception of slightly less heat resistance and less sulphide resistance.




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